Hiya! I'm Verdant. I also go by any kin names and any of the names I have here. Fanart of Sun Wukong and Macaque from LEGO Monkie Kid leaning into each other. Wukong is eating a peach and Macaque is grumpy. I primarily use he/him pronouns, but I also love pup/pups and really like zie/zir, xie/xiem, woo/wools, and any neopronouns at all. I also love nickpronouns (neopronouns chosen based off what you think fits me).

I have many interests and an infinite amount of love to give to all things in this world. Many of my special interests are media based (like Professor Layton, Good Omens, LEGO Monkie Kid, Pokemon), some are ships (like Salvis and Klance) and some are non-media based! My biggest overall special interests are zoology, archaeology, entomology, linguistics, alterhumanity/otherkin(d), art, and sciences in general. I really love animals! I love all animals equally, but some of my favorites are: elephants, hedgehogs, otters, hyenas, and dogs!

I myself am a puppy and an angel! I am also many other things! You can see what I am here.

I engage in many creativities although I might not put them all here!

I don't like going into depth about my "issues" or "identities" exactly, but I will mention I'm autistic, have ADHD, intellectually disabled, and a system. All of these affect how I might talk or make this website. Please always view me as a collective and don't try to separate me into individuals. I like being seen just as Verdant!

This website was made possible in part by my moon. It wouldn't be here without him! He helps with coding, ideas, and motivation. Thanks for being my muse!

I have a Tumblr and ao3. I also have some other stuff! If you want those, please contact me to ask! You can email me at greatsageequaltoheaven@protonmail.com. Please email me there as well if you notice any formatting issues, typos, or the like.