5.28.2022., ~1:40 a.m.

Today, I woke up sometime around 10 a.m. thanks to an alarm that I had set. I had been periodically woken up before that. I remember my pit bull coming in and stepping on my thigh very painfully between the bed and his claw. I remember being curled up around my mutt other than that. I was really tired when I woke up, despite having gone to bed rather early. Today, my mom and her fiance left to go on vacation to another state. I'm very scared and worried about this. It might mean I might not be able to get to school, and it might mean that I'll get lonely, and so will our pittie. Before she left, my mom drove me to the bus stop. I rode the bus alone for the first time! I used the card, but it took me a few tries and the bus driver had to tell me where to do it. It was incredibly embarrassing. After that, I ended up watching LEGO Monkie Kid on the bus, which made me nearly miss my bus stop. Oops. I rode the bus to go to the mall, which I went to with three of my friends. I checked out the Target pride section, which was pretty cool. We also got food (I got a kid's meal of chicken teriyaki with rice, and before that I had had a Rice Krispie Treat for breakfast when I had met the first two of my friends in the food court) and went to a lot of other stores. I got a black long-sleeved turtle neck crop top at H&M on sale. I had lavender milk tea boba, which was delicious, but I think that it can get overwhelming/sickening pretty quickly. I usually get matcha green tea boba, but I'm thinking I might actually end up liking fruity flavors better. My friend got a strawberry mango boba tea, and I kinda wish I got that instead! I got some of the pride stuff at Target as well. I didn't really use my phone, like, at all, when I was at the mall, which was really surprising. The whole "phone bad" rhetoric is really annoying, but I used it less because I just genuinely enjoyed being there and because I wasn't preoccupied with things going on with my phone. I feel like that, even if it's on a phone, I tend to double-book myself with activities I need to do on my phone at the same time as whatever I went out to do. I also got a matching My Melody necklace with my friend. She has Kuromi! When I went to the mall, I decided to go with a more masculine outfit of khaki pants, my favorite blue to green striped Vans, a white t-shirt, and a dark grey-ish collared shirt that's rather large on me. I also got my feet sized, and they said I was a 4 and a half in women's. I also asked them to do...both. Genders. Of feet-sizing. Right before. And they said "oh no don't worry we'll just do women's". It was very confusing. It's also totally wrong whatever they sized me as because I got blisters from my usual exercising shoes that are a 6.5 in women's...And I wore size 6 shoes in men's I think to the mall. So that was a fail. There was a new The Owl House episode today, which I watched after I got home! It was super exciting and great. I loved seeing the Collector's design. I'm also still really mad about how the show is getting cut short. I liked the episode for the most part, but it's pretty clear they're probably forcing Huntlow...which is...gross. Regardless of your opinions on shipping, I don't think pairing a 14 and 16-year-old in a media that kids will be influenced by is okay. From what we know as from a cut scene, Hunter views himself as significantly older enough that it affects his social behavior and knowledge. So. Yeah. It's really gross. And upsetting. I'm probably biased because I ship Huntric, but I don't mind that not being canon. I mind Huntlow being canon, though. Like, Hunter is 11th grader, and Willow is like a 9th grader. The issue is the age gap may seem small, but it's pretty significant when you're a teenager like that. Yeah. It's just gross. Sorry not sorry. So that episode actually ended pretty sourly for me. But I was really happy to see the Collector! I haven't done much today besides that other than setting up the website.