This is a collection of all my favorite slash ships. It is organized alphabetically by series. If a series has more than one ship, you can alternatively look at each series at any of these places: Danganronpa.

Slash is a term used to refer to M/M relationships in fandom. I would link the Wikipedia, but it has false information. Although it can be used for same-sex/same-gender relationships, it's generally accepted that slash only refers to M/M. If you want to look at F/F, here is my list of my favorite femslash ships. Themslash is a newer and uncommon term used to refer to NB/NB or X/X relationships in fanworks. The term is likely uncommon due to the lack of canon nonbinary characters that exist to be shipped together in any given fandom. The term slash is believed to have originated, of course, in the Star Trek fandom, as many fandom terms have. "Slash" refers to the "/" symbol used between names. It was popularized by fanfiction about Kirk/Spock. The ampersand (&) however, is used between platonic/familial/non-romantic and non-sexual relationships in fanworks. Please note that I do not use the placement of a character's name in a ship or their placement in the M/M slash format to indicate who is top and who is bottom. This practice is uncommon in fandom nowadays. I use the name placement I enjoy best.

I will not be including ships that I headcanon as M/M but are not canonically. (Example: An M/F ship where I headcanon the F character to be FTM.) Characters whose names are formatted as "Family Name" "Given Name" are formatted as "Given Name" "Family Name" here for consistency.

Information included is: Alternate names (for their ship), characters in the ship, series the ship is from, the status of how canon the relationship is, the canon queer status of either character, popularity of the ship within its fandom (guessed, I have no official metric for this), some tropes the ship falls into (non-exhaustive list and not organized), important headcanons I have for the characters, relevant links (like ao3), and why I ship them. TK stands for "to come", meaning I will fill in that space later.


  Art of Klapollo

Alternate names: Klapolly, Kyodoroki

Characters: Apollo Justice | Hōsuke Odoroki x Klavier Gavin | Kyōya Garyū

Series: Ace Attorney

Canon status: Noncanon—The relationship between Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth was influenced by and intended to appeal to fujoshis (a subculture and self-identifier for women who enjoy BL/yaoi/slash). It appears that Klapollo follows this pattern as well. Apollo has referred to Klavier attractive several times and received flowers from Klavier. Klavier invites Apollo out to eat and says that he feels as if Apollo is checking him out the way that women check him out.

Queer status: None

Popularity: Popular

Tropes (spoilers): Average guy x famous, short x tall, no-nonsense x flirty, ulterior motives, rivals to lovers, rivals to friends to lovers

Headcanons: Apollo: MLM, FTM, autistic, ADHD || Klavier: MLM, MTNB, actually German

Links: TK

Why I ship them: TK



  Art of Leibbu

Alternate names: Kabbeif, Leibu, Kabeif, Leifbu

Characters: Kabbu/Leif

Series: Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling

Canon status: Noncanon

Queer status: Neither is canonically queer, however, much of the fandom ships another slash ship between Kabbu and another character. One of the devs of the game supports this pairing, but has intentionally not canonicized it due to wanting fans to have freedom in their ships. Kabbu being gay is one of the most searched things about his character.

Popularity: Semi-popular (shipping isn't very large in the Bug Fables fandom, and neither is the fandom itself)

Tropes (spoilers): Fighter x magic user, fat x skinny, tall x short, sunshine x grumpy, friends to lovers, immortal x mortal, living x undead

Headcanons: Kabbu: Bisexual, arospec, FTM, PTSD (canon), autistic, physically disabled (can't fly, I headcanon that bugs can normally fly in BF, which goes against canon) || Leif: Gay (exclusively), MTNB, he/they pronouns, autistic, in a lavender marriage with Muse, loves rhythm games

Links: Ao3

Why I ship them: Leif and Kabbu, along with Vi, all become excellent friends as the series progresses. They all deeply love and need each other. Everyone in Team Snakemouth has a unique dynamic, but Kabbu and Leif have a unique connection that they don't quite share with Vi on account of them both being adults. Regardless of what form of love it is, it is very clear they love each other. Leif loves to tease Kabbu, but at the same time, he would do anything to protect him.



  Art of Ishimondo

Alternate names: Pompadorks

Characters:Kiyotaka ("Taka") Ishimaru/Mondo Owada (or Ohwada, Oowada, Ōwada)

Series: Danganronpa

Canon status: Semi-canon—they are mutually in love, but they never get together in an official relationship

Queer status: Kiyotaka: Attracted to men and is implied to not like women || Mondo: Canonically likes men and mentions having had crushes on women

Popularity: Popular

Tropes (spoilers): Rivals to lovers, rivals to friends to lovers, friends to lovers, opposites attract, bromance, bury your gays, starcrossed lovers

Headcanons: Kiyotaka: Gay (exclusively), acespec, FTM, PTSD, autistic, intellectually disabled || Mondo: Bisexual, genderqueer cisgender male, PTSD, ADHD

Links: Ao3, Ishimondo on Tumblr

Why I ship them (spoilers): Back before Danganronpa had even been localized in English, I remember being fascinated with their relationship for a reason I couldn't quite place. Both of them are as close to being soulmates canonically as you can get in a Danganronpa game. I love how they are both so different yet accept each other on every single level. The things about Mondo that usually scare others, such as his mannerisms, tone of voice, or volume don't faze Kiyotaka at all. Mondo not only accepts but defends Kiyotaka's eccentricities. They are the first people in each other's lives to genuinely accept who they are. Even when they both have amnesia, their deep love for the other shines through, allowing them to instantly bond. They love the other for who they are and both inspire the other to become a better person.



  Art of Komahina Art of Kamukoma

Alternate names: Hinakoma, Komakamu

Characters: Hajime Hinata/Nagito Komaeda

Series: Danganronpa

Canon status: Semi-canon—Nagito canonically is in love with Hajime. Hajime is implied/possibly accepts his feelings post-game.

Queer status: Nagito: Attracted to men and is actively unattracted to women || Hajime: Attracted to any gender

Popularity: Popular

Tropes (spoilers): Friends to lovers, rivals to lovers, friends to rivals to lovers, enemies to lovers

Headcanons: Nagito: Gay (exclusively), MTNB, hopegender, physically disabled (canon), autistic, BPD, PTSD || Hajime: Bisexual, FTM, OSDD-1a, autistic, ADHD, PTSD, brain damage

Other notes (spoilers): Even though Izuru looks different and uses a different name, as well as has no memories of Hajime's, he is still Hajime. This is confirmed in Danganronpa 3. Despite Hajime's initial rejection that Izuru could be him (which was while he had amnesia of being Izuru), he later accepts that Izuru is him and he is Izuru. Izuru is simply what Hajime would be if he had every talent and lost his memory. Even though the ships definitely feel different and depict different times in their lives, I am listing komahina and kamukoma together.

Links: Ao3, Komahina on Tumblr, Kamukoma on Tumblr

Why I ship them: Nagito has many oddities and eccentricities for a myriad of reasons, often linked to both his physical and mental health. He has an obsession with hope, and yet, the one he ends up falling in love with is someone who is talentless, someone he believes is hopeless. Hajime is a no-nonsense kind of guy, yet finds himself opening up to Nagito and feeling completely at ease with him. Despite everything that Nagito does. Nagito not only falls for Hajime once, but twice. He eventually accepts Hajime as he truly is, and Hajime accepts Nagito. One of Hajime's driving motivations in the game is understanding Nagito. They both revolve around each other and operate on a wavelength others can't quite meet, even if it's arguing. Hajime forces Nagito to reconceptualize his entire worldview and question all of his beliefs. And he does, and he changes them. For Hajime.



  Art of Naegami

Alternate names: N/A

Characters: Makoto Naegi x Byakuya Togami

Series: Danganronpa

Canon status: Noncanon

Queer status: Makoto: Attracted to any gender || Byakuya: None, shows no interest in romance/relationships

Popularity: Popular

Tropes (spoilers): Rivals to lovers, enemies to lovers, enemies to friends to lovers, rivals to friends to lovers, tall x short, rich x commoner

Headcanons: Makoto: Bisexual, FTM, autistic, ADHD || Byakuya: Gay (exclusively), cisgender male, autistic, PTSD, paranoia, delusional

Links: TK

Why I ship them: Admittedly, I do love ships that involve the mean one and the nicer one. In Trigger Happy Havoc, Byakuya is incredibly prickly and at times an awful person. However, regardless, he hangs around Makoto and deems Makoto worthy of his time, despite his berating of him. And Makoto allows this and in turn cares for Byakuya. As time passes in the series, Makoto becomes one of the only people Byakuya smiles to and smiles about. He is openly kind to Makoto while still retaining his condescending charm. Makoto never gives up on Byakuya to grow as a person.



  Art of Oumasai

Alternate names: Saiouma

Characters: Shuichi Saihara x Kokichi Ouma

Series: Danganronpa

Canon status: Semi-canon—Kokichi is strongly implied to have feelings for Shuichi

Queer status: Shuichi: Attracted to any gender || Kokichi: Implied to be attracted to men

Popularity: Popular

Tropes (spoilers): Starcrossed lovers, rivals to lovers, friends to lovers, detective x phantom thief (sorta)

Headcanons: Shuichi: Bisexual, FTM, autistic, C-PTSD, BPD || Kokichi: Bisexual, MTNB, autistic, PTSD, BPD

Links: TK

Why I ship them: TK

End of Oumasai-->  



  Art of Soudam

Alternate names: N/A

Characters: Gundham (or Gundam) Tanaka x Kazuichi Souda (or Soda)

Series: Danganronpa

Canon status: Noncanon

Queer status: Kazuichi: Implied to like men and is afraid of when women are actually attracted to him

Popularity: Semi-popular

Tropes (spoilers): Rivals to lovers, love triangle rivals get together, dark colored x light/bright colored, life x mechanical

Headcanons: Kazuichi: Gay (exclusively), FTM, autistic, ADHD, C-PTSD, BPD, hyenakin (according to Gundham), incubuskin (according to Gundham) || Gundham: Bisexual, MTNB, he/paw/evil pronouns, genderhoarder/xenogender, autistic, C-PTSD, BPD, goth, alterhuman, demonkin

Links: TK

Why I ship them: TK