This is a collection of all my favorite Splatoon ships. It is organized alphabetically by ship name. You can see all my favorite ships by series here.

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  Agent 24

Characters: Agent (Cap'n) 3 x Agent 8

Headcanons: Agent 3: Queer (sexuality), FTNB, they/them pronouns (technically canon), autism, ADHD, selective mutism (technically canon), PTSD || Agent 8: Bisexual, multigender, intersex, any pronouns but it/its, autism, ADHD, PTSD

Why I ship them: I ship them mostly for canon reasons and their canon relationship! I think Agent 3 is really misunderstood by fans, especially because Splatoon's English localization is...bad. Agent 3 is a big 'ol dork, and Agent 8 is too! Agent 8 canonically really admires Agent 3. They both clearly care for each other and Agent 8 views Agent 3 as their hero. They even have Valentine's and White Day art together! Also, yes, I know that octolings (usually?) reproduce asexually. I don't care. Agent 8 is intersex anyways. Inklings and octolings [REDACTED] nasty. In my headcanon, Agent 8 looks more like this, and Agent 3 usually uses the "male" hair, although they switch around. Agent 8 goes by "Eight" and Agent 3 goes by "Three". They usually present neutral to vaguely masculine. They're my favorite Splatoon ship besides Pearlina.




Characters: Callie x Dedf1sh

Headcanons: Callie: Bisexual, boygirl, ADHD || Dedf1sh: Queer/unlabelled (sexuality), sapphic-adjacent, agender, amnesiac, autistic

Why I ship them: It's cute. Why not! I think they both really admire each other's music.




Characters: Cap'n Cuttlefish x DJ Octavio

Headcanons: Cap'n Cuttlefish: Unlabelled || DJ Octavio: Gay

Why I ship them: Old man yaoi. (I think they had feelings for each other in their youth that were forbidden due to it being interspecies and gay. They never got to act on them and instead became bitter towards each other over time. TOXIC old man yaoi as in their war crimes. I think they finally get to be happy and reconcile in their old age. Also...Cuttlefish doesn't stay shrivelled.)




Characters: Pearl x Marina

Headcanons: Pearl: Bisexual, lesbian/sapphic, FTM/transmasc, princessgender, butch, primarily he/him pronouns, royal/any princess related neopronouns, she/her for close friends only, closeted and presents as female, autistic, ADHD || Marina: Bisexual, MTF, fat, autistic

Why I ship them: I mean, pretty much because of all of canon! Marina canonically is in love with Pearl (in the original version, anyways...) and they have such a cute, loving relationship. They truly love each other and bring the other up. Just look at their official art! Their official cutscenes! Their dialogue (preferrably Japanese)!




Characters: Shiver x Big Man x Frye

Queer status: Shiver: Bisexual, nonbinary (canon in original afaik), they/them pronouns (kind of canon in original), NPD || Big Man: Bisexual, not cis and not trans || Frye: Bisexual, loves silly genders, ADHD

Why I ship them: They're such an adorable trio who clearly all love each other a lot! Even when a splatfest causes bad feelings, they all manage to comfort the other (especially Big Man comforting them). Splatfests like the chocolate one really makes their relationship feel romantic. I really hate how everyone leaves Big Man out of their trio, often. Most fanart you see of Deep Cut is just Shiver and Frye. And people don't ever make ship art of just Big Man. I really can't stand Shiver x Frye unless I know that the artist views it as part of Polycut. They all love each other!!! I really think Big Man is the glue of their relationship and helps keep them together. I don't know which I like better: Shiver and Frye asking Big Man to be their third, or Shiver and Frye competing to be with Big Man first.




Characters: Goggles x Rider

Headcanons: Goggles: FTM || Rider: MTNB, BPD

Why I ship them: I'm going to be honest I haven't read Coroika in years. I do not remember why. I do remember that I have gripes with Coroika the way I do with Pokespe in that they just...completely change certain characters or replace certain characters with new ones, but not consistently? I don't really like how the Splatoon game's Agent 3 isn't in it.