Shrines are a classic and common feature on many older personal websites, such as back on Geocities. Shrines are a webpage dedicated to a certain thing. This can include a character, a ship, a band, and more!

This page is separated into two sections. My shrines, which are shrines I have created, and partner shrines, which are shrines I worship at. This just means they are shrines that I love greatly and consider a shrine of mine as in, I go to that shrine. I did not create those shrines, though! If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

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WIP GOLD'S MYSPACE A shrine based off of what Gold from Pokémon's Myspace might look like. Based on headcanons and a mix of HGSS and Pokespe/Pokémon Adventures, but primarily HGSS. Technically is based off of "Ethan", HGSS's incarnation of Gold. Matches withSilver's Myspace page here.


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  My love's shrine on our love

My love's otherkinity information hub

My love's Shadow the Hedgehog shrine

Silver's MySpace (made by my love)

My love's Splatoon idols shrine

My love's Salvis shrine