About the Site

Hiiii! Welcome to my website! This is where I will try to be more authentically myself, away from the icky scary internet that social media has become. I'll update this site as I learn HTML! I will be posting things that interest me and are important to me! Shows, games, books I like...informal reviews...lists...art, writing, WIPs, creative content...research, and more!!!

About ME!!!

What's up! Please call me Sun Wukong, Wukong, Sunny, Verdant, Edric, Izzy, and/or Butchy!

My pronouns are primarily he/him/his/his/himself, zie/zi(e)r/zi(e)r/zi(e)rs/zi(e)rself (singular), x(i)e/x(i)em/x(i)er/x(i)ers/x(i)emself (singular), pup/pup/pups/pups/pupself (singular), sun/sun/suns/suns/sunself (singular), hope/hope/hopes/hopes/hopeself (singular), and any other pronouns.

I am okay with she/they only if you are multigender in a way that you are male and female, a boy and a girl, masc-aligned and fem-aligned, man and woman, etc, OR if you use she/he/they pronouns yourself. Don't know how to use these pronouns? Here's a pronoun dressing room! Still not sure? Just stick with he/him!

I identify as masculine-aligned and feminine-aligned. I'm sort of technically male and female, but the thought makes me dysphoric. I identify as bigender (identifying as two genders)! I'm boy-aligned and sort of a girl, but don't call me that, please call me a boy! Because I am a boy, I am therefore a girl. Because I am a girl, I am therefore a boy. I am a beautifully genderqueer and nonbinary individual!

I am autistic and I have ADHD, both of which greatly and deeply affect my daily life. I am psychotic and suffer from a multitude of delusions and also suffer from dissociative amnesia as a system (a system is the collective group of individual alters, which are the people or identities, within a person with the correlating dissociative disorders. Some of my alters are not me. Others of my alters are versions of me that handle different tasks. I don't always share memories or emotional feelings, sometimes I do.) I bring these up because these truly impact how I exist and will talk, speak, and function.

Most of my interests are in stories, which I have a lot of, so I won't be listing right here! I love art, creative mediums, writing, animation, queer history, fat activism, music, zoology, environmental science, archaeology, and science in general! I also love city design, public transit, and trains. I am a communist.

Adopt a censorship panda! Reasons: discussions of mental health, sexuality, morbid topics, and things within natural human nature.