This is where I...well, hoard anything! This is all my original content that I felt shouldn't be linked separately onto the regular ol' sidebar I have. I put lists, writings, articles, etc. here! As long as it's original work of mine. It might be something that, for example, resembles my music tab in the kind of stuff it has, but I just didn't feel it was significant enough to list on its own on my homepage.

If there's something you're interested in me doing, let me know! I'd always love ideas.

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This section contains lists or sections dedicated to my favorite things. It might be "fandom" content (although I don't like to use the term fandom for myself).

Updated 8.20.23 My favorite slash ships

TK My favorite femslash ships

Updated 9.11.23 Favorite ships in my favorite series


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This section is dedicated to compiling resources. Some resources may be original resources, and others may be external links. This can also be found at my resources page, which is right next to this page on the sidebar.

TK Language learning resources

TK Neocities resources