I initially didn't want an updates page as I felt it would be hard to maintain. I also didn't want to create a pressure for myself to feel like I have to update things or do new things. However, I decided to make one so I can keep track of what I've done on this website. This is not a comprehensive list of updates. I might forget to add an update, feel it isn't important enough to go on here, or simply not have the energy to.

Newest updates are at the top, oldest are at the bottom. I also might not keep to a consistent formatting, as having to remember that formatting might discourage me from keeping track of this log.

9.11.23 (and a few days before) Changed my resources page to be separate from my original works page. Added website resources page. Currently working on aforementioned page. Added a section in original works for my favorite ships in my favorite series. Added a Splatoon ship page. Working on both of those.

9.5.23 Changed webrings page title and added thingsAdded buttons to other sites (mutuals or friends), added webrings and (mini-)cliques, and changed the title of the page to "rings" to "links".

9.5.23 Added things to the TK page Added a list of all the things that I have listed as to come on other pages. Plan to list more things that are TK that aren't listed anywhere else yet. Didn't update for a bit since I injured my wrist adjusting to my new keyboard and typing too much while doing Neocities. Also my mom got married, lol. I know I don't have to explain, but I feel better explaining.

8.24.23 Changed title of "original works" to "original content". I cannot be satisfied with how to label it. Some of it is going to be resources for stuff, so it'll be a compilation of external links. Like, yes, that's my original compilling of it, but those aren't my things. So how on earth do I label this section? When I add more resources, should I just make a separate tab on the index page? Like, I have music separated, since it's substantial/going to be substantial enough to have its own separate little section. I have no idea.

8.23.23 Changed all scrollbars to be the correct color on each page Surely there has to be a better way to do this than just have every color manually defined on each page...Couldn't I just do it in the CSS styling sheet? And then if I want the color to be different, define it that way? I do not know. I should learn.

8.23.23 Changing any Tumblr and Wix links for image embeds on Graphics page to Imgur I expect this to take more than a day, there's over 200 combined of each link type. Funnily enough, I lost a graphic that was embedded with Wix while editing my embed. Well, that's why I'm changing them!

8.23.23 Created updates page